Announcing New Venues and Weekly Social Dancing

Hold onto your hats folks, we’ve some great new swing dancing opportunities ready to go. New venues in Birmingham City Centre and Solihull and a change for our dancers in Coventry.


Quarter Time Jazz | Swing ExpressCity Centre Classes & Social Dancing

Starting next Tuesday night in the Jewellery Quarter we are very excited to announce ‘Quarter Time Jazz‘, a swing dance class and social dance night in Fredericks Bar. The class will run from 7.30pm, with social dancing to follow, and if that doesn’t whet your appetite, then try this – our launch night (May 26th) is FREE, so you can come along and give it a try, and all it will cost you is a night at home in front of the telly. Frederick’s management have been very obliging in this endeavour, so come on out and show them that interest in Jazz and Swing in Birmingham is alive and kicking!

New Classes – Solihull

For those looking for some Lindy classes in Solihull, we are very pleased to announce our new beginners classes commencing next Thursday 28th at the Solihull Ice Rink at 8.15pm. We have come to understand that there is a lot of work going in to building the swing dancing scene in Solihull, and we look forward to jumping in and getting our hands dirty. These classes will focus on Lindy Hop and Charleston and we welcome dancers of all levels.

New Classes – Coventry

For our Coventry dancers we have a great little treat for you. Based on your feedback we are shifting our Coventry classes to Monday nights starting next week, and on top of that we are very pleased to announce an extra hour to our current beginners class, with a  Level 2 class starting at 8.30pm. This class will be used to introduce you to a mixture of fundamental steps (we will be starting the first few weeks focusing on developing your Lindy Hop) and some other aspects of the dance such as strolls, variations and helpful choreographies. Following this class we will still allow time for social dancing so you can put your new found skills to the test.

Sutton Coldfield

At this time there is no change to our Sutton Coldfield classes, but rest assured we are looking forward to introducing some more advanced classes very soon.


To our Harborne dancers, unfortunately this means we will be no longer running Monday nights in Harborne, but based on last nights reaction to ‘Quarter Time Jazz’ we do hope you’ll join us in the Jewellery Quarter on Tuesday nights.

See you all on the dance floor soon,

Paul Neary


Do you want to learn how to swing dance?  Find our full timetable HERE or contact us for more information!